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Updated: Oct 21, 2021

CBSE board exam 2021 for term 1 is forthcoming. It’s going to be MCQ based, we all know that, but do you know that exam pattern and typologies have also changed?

Do you feel like regular course material aren’t enough for the term 1 MCQ practice?

Are you spending a lot of money on sample paper books? And once you’re done with one, do you have to spend extra to get a new book?

Well, if yes, this article is for you.

As you know, just one month is left for CBSE board exam 2021 term 1, so it’s the revision time, right?

Now, consider this, what’s the most basic advantage of online learning over offline learning?



That’s the most basic advantage. You can practice as much as you want, but the only drawback is online learning is quite expensive.

Some courses in the market are worth ₹50,000!

So, is there any way you can have unlimited content to practice and that too without spending too much money?


Here, you get an entire subject just at ₹450.

Wait, there’s more!

Once you have the course, the practice papers get weekly updated, that too without any extra money.

Yes, now we’re talking.

Why Oswaal 360 is so much affordable?

Now, the question that must being going round into your heads, WHY IT’S SO MUCH AFFORDABLE?

The answer is simple, Oswaal 360 is an online learning platform created to make learning simple and global too.

With Oswaal 360, we wish to reach the masses. We like to make this available for every student in the country.

The entire concept of Oswaal 360 is based on growth and affordability.

And that’s why it’s so much affordable!

Tell me more about it!

Oswaal 360 is a centralized, one-of-its-kind cognitive learning platform.

Suppose you wish to practice Physics. You can go to, or get Oswaal 360 app, and then buy a simple course for Physics.

Once you’re in, there are Chapter-wise MCQs for detailed understanding.

Also, there are Weekly Practice Papers for enhanced practice.

Besides, there’re Mind Maps for advanced learning.

On top of all, there are Mock Test Papers for complete preparation.


Want to know more about Oswaal 360, check out the article to know more.

Tell me 7 features that makes it unique.

1. Mind maps Mind Maps to students is like blueprints to architect. Just a single glance at the particular Mind Map will remind you all that you have studied so far.

According to students, sometimes it does happen that they forget about a certain topic and there’s not much time to revise it all over again. In that case, Mind Maps can save a lot of time.

2. Detailed Solutions & Topper’s Answer It’s important to know where exactly you’re lacking. Detailed Solutions provide you the answer for that. Also, there’s a feature of Topper’s Answers which provides you the best possible answer to the certain question.

3. All the typologies of MCQs (Chapter-wise) – CBSE board exam 2021 for term-1 is MCQ based and going to be of three types: case-based, assertion reason and stand alone.

All these three types of MCQs are carefully covered and that too Chapter-wise, so that you’ll be completely ready for your term-1 exams.

4. On the spot Analysis with Live Score – You need to track your performance with live scores to understand the loopholes and then work on them accordingly.

5. Mnemonics, Rapid Revision and Concept Videos – These cognitive learning tools will put you much ahead of the competition. It’s all about making your preparation interactive and fun.

6. Mock Tests – Mock Tests are important as they provide an exam insight. When you have given mock tests, you’re well aware about the time management and the strategies need to implement for better results.

Try these 7 exam strategies for CBSE board exam 2021 term 1.

7. Weekly Practice Papers – It’s like the most unique feature of Oswaal 360. First, you get the largest pool of MCQs to practice, and that too gets updated every week meaning a new pool of MCQs every week. And on top of that, you don’t have to pay extra money for that.

Still unsure about Oswaal 360?

See what students have to say about Oswaal 360, in this case Study.

All the best!

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