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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

I think what makes Oswaal 360 different from others is that it’s time-specific and also tells you about your mistakes and suggests solutions and topper’s answers as well.” – Somya, 10th, Delhi Public School.

The user interface of Oswaal 360 is very interactive and centralized, all the sections and chapters and mind-maps are easy to access and understand.” – Dev Garg, 12th Commerce, Gayatri Public School.

I think platforms like Oswaal 360 are very crucial in India as they make it very easy for us to understand the chapters, and that’s why I prefer Oswaal.” – Tanya Singh, 12th Commerce, Gayatri Public School.

“It’s easy to use, it’s easy to navigate and that’s why it’s enough for me.” – Sehaj Arora, 10th, St. Francis Convent School.

The words of Thomas Edison, “The Value of an idea lies in the using of it”, is the bedrock of this case-study based on four students and their feedback after using Oswaal 360.

Being one of the oldest publication houses in India, we, at Oswaal Books, felt that today students need an interactive, result-oriented and learning-based online platform where they can easily optimise their time for better results.

This case-study is about four students who have recently started using Oswaal 360 and how it’s helping in their studies. We’ll try to understand the perspective of the students while using the specific functions and sections of Oswaal 360. We’ll try to analyze the uniqueness of it, and, at the same time, what can be done better from the students’ point-of-view.

We’ll also uncover the current mindset of students toward the exams, their goals and ambitions, and how this pandemic has shaped the new educational polices and methodologies for students across the country.

Somya Sewkani

Class 10th, Delhi Public School.

Some people start thinking about their career at a very early age. Somya Sewkani of class 10 is surely a front runner among them.

“My life goal is bright and pellucid; I want to be a pilot”, she says.

Being a district level gold medalist in Badminton and Dancing, she believes both physical and mental wellbeing are vital for students, even during the exam time.

“Honestly, I got to know about the Oswaal 360 through my English teacher, she said it’s a newly launched one-of-its-kind online platform and you’ll get an insight of your exams by using it. Now, as I’m using it, I like to say that she was absolutely right. It not only gives you an insight of exams, it systematically prepares you for one.”

According to Somya, the regular course materials in syllabus books aren’t enough for her as she prefers in-depth knowledge of the concepts and chapters.

“Some students need a thorough understanding of the concepts in order to get mastery over the subject and I’m one of them. That’s the reason why I confide my trust to Oswaal, everything is there, I don’t have to go anywhere else.”

When asked about Oswaal 360, she said it’s properly managed, and the features such as ‘solution’ and ‘topper’s answer’ are very useful.

“The best and most unique feature of Oswaal 360 is Mind-maps. Sometimes it happens that we don’t have enough time to revise the entire chapter and in that case mind-maps are like lifesavers. They are so creatively enhanced that a single look at them will make you remember the entire chapter.”

Somya gives 4.7 stars to Oswaal 360 on a scale of 1 to 5.

“This pandemic has revolutionized the education system completely. The case-based questions are so helpful as they focus on concepts rather than content. Also, I think this pandemic has taught not only the education system but also the students about the need of the practical-based knowledge and concept-based teaching ideologies.”

When asked about the pre-pandemic times, she said, “I miss the playground, I really miss it.”

Being a music lover, Somya also plays sitar, and idolizes the great Indian sitar virtuoso, late Mr. Pandit Ravi Shankar.


Dev Garg

Class 12th commerce, Gayatri Public School.

A literary enthusiast by nature, Dev adores the works of Jane Austin. He wants to become a CA as his favorite subjects are Accounts and Economics.

When asked about Oswaal 360 he said, “it’s simple and precise, and that’s why I love it. Its there in front of you.”

“The variety of questions on every subject and every topic is something that a student looks for and Oswaal 360 provides that so I think that’s why I would rate it for 4.9 stars out of 5.”
“One thing lacking in school syllabus is that it’s limited, and number of questions are too low. Also, complete information is missing which is very annoying.”
“By using Oswaal 360, I can have so many questions to practice and that’s get updated every single week and I don’t have to pay for the new questions and that’s the best thing about it.”
When asked about the suggestions on Oswaal 360, Dev recommended adding a separate interactive section on the platform for parents, and also short video for parents where they can have a progress insight of their children. He added, “also, while purchasing Oswaal 360, one needs to convince their parents as well, so an interactive video about its benefits could be added to the website for parents.”


Tanya Singh

Class 12th commerce, Gayatri Public School.

Some wants to win the world, but for some, world isn’t enough. Their ambitions are bigger and they determined to achieve them. Tanya Singh wishes to become the greatest women entrepreneur and believes that every woman should have freedom and courage to achieve their dreams.

“My favorite subjects are economics and business studies. I want to open my own business franchise at a global scale, and I’m determined about it.”

When asked about the user-interface of Oswaal 360, she said she faced some problem at the beginning but now it has become very easy and interactive to use.

“One thing I like about it is that there are separate dedicated sections for everything, and also all the types of questions are covered.”
“I have used other platforms and apps as well didn’t got anything out of them. By using Oswaal 360, all my problems got solved, so why to go anywhere else.”

Tanya likes painting and making sketches in her free time. She gave 4.6 stars to Oswaal 360 platform.

When asked about the changes this pandemic bring in her life, she said, “the interactive atmosphere of the school is gone. Also, increased screen-time has affected health and that’s why I focus on the physical wellbeing.”


Sehaj Arora

Class 10th, St. Francis Convent School.

“Oswaal 360 covers every topic and every type of question which makes me very confident about exams.”
“The best part is the navigation, I mean, I can easily navigate to other chapters and other subjects and can easily come back. So, the user-interface is very helpful and saves a lot of time.”

Sehaj loves singing and is very fascinated about doing B. Pharma after 12th.

“Honestly speaking, I haven’t used any other platform because Oswaal 360 has everything I need for my studies.”

Sehaj gave 4.5 stars to Oswaal 360, and also suggested that it should have a separate section for parents where they can track the progress and can also suggest some improvement.


There’s an ancient Chinese proverb that say, “when the winds of change blow, some people build walls, other build windmills.”

Oswaal 360 is an innovation in the changing time of the tradition. Digitalization is the next thing in the field of education and it’s better if students start getting along with it.

This pandemic has drastically shifted gears in the education marathon. The wind has shifted, and one thing these four students have proved is that it’s better to build windmills than walls.

What’re you thinking of building?


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