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Mind Maps- What Makes This New Feature so Unique?

CBSE Board Exam 2021!

These words are bone-chilling, right!

And for this exam, you need to go through lots and lots of information on a daily basis.

But, have you realized that sometimes you keep on forgetting something very crucial? And, you don't even have the time to start afresh. Now what to do then?

Mind Maps!

That’s right! Mind Maps are there to make things easier for you.

By moving on further, you will understand what Mind Maps are & how mind maps are useful in revision time.

1. Quick Revision Gateway

With the mind maps at your disposal, you need not go to through the entire chapter once again for the last-minute revisions.

Just go through the mind map in 5 minutes and you are done with the chapter!

Isn't it quite innovative and time-saving?

What if you can get all this online that you don't even need to turn the pages of the book? Seem to be quite unrealistic?

But, it is not! Oswaal 360 is the platform solely designed to boost up your preparation for upcoming exams with the assistance of mind maps.

So, mind maps are just a click away!!

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2. Mind-Friendly

Studies have revealed that images have a greater tendency to stay in your memory as compared to theoretical concepts.

Mind Maps have a pictorial or a flow representation that will help you to remember them in the long run.

Suppose, for CBSE Board Exam 2021, you’re preparing for a subject that has a lot of formulas and you are not able to memorize them in a single go.

In this situation Mind Maps come to the rescue.

You only need to revise the Mind Maps religiously and you will learn the formulas by heart.

Aren’t sure about it? Then give it a shot!

3. Saves Time

One of the greatest advantages of using Mind Maps for the CBSE board exam 2021 is that they help you a lot to save on time.

Just grab the mind map and you are good to go for the exam.

Isn’t it great!

You get the entire idea of a particular chapter in the dedicated Mind Maps without any difficulty.

Even if you are forgetting something from the chapter then also this mind map will facilitate you in easily grasping that topic without wasting your precious time.

4. Helps Even in Exam Hall

You must have encountered those confusing moments that while attempting the exam, you forget some concept that you have even revised while preparation.

In this situation, Mind Maps act as a blessing in disguise.

Despite hitting your mind hard to remember where you studied that topic, try to remember the flow of the mind map.

You can easily remember that flow and that will ultimately facilitate in getting to the answer.

Final Words

Mind maps are a great and innovative way that can help you a lot to excel through your CBSE Board Exams 2021.

They have a whole set of features that will help you ease out your preparation.

If you want Mind Maps for every chapter in a single perfectly organized format and that too by esteemed educationists, then Oswaal 360 is right platform for you.

If you wish to know more about Oswaal 360, then read this article.

It is a dedicated platform that has been designed to revolutionize study with technology.

You will encounter an ample number of questions with flawless Mind Maps just at your fingertips with Oswaal 360.

We have said it a thousand times, we’ll say it again, Oswaal 360 is all about making learning digital.

All the Best!!

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