7 Best Ways to Do Self-Study for the 70th BPSC Prelims Exam 2024

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It is as difficult as ascending Mount Everest to pass the 70th BPSC Prelims, but don't worry yet, would-be civil servant! By having the right self-study plan in place, this competitive examination can be conquered by you. So abandon classroom sadness and get ready to rule out these 7 tricks. 

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1. BPSC Syllabus? Your BFF.

Have you ever been confused by too many books and study materials? We've all been there. Instead of plunging into the books directly, befriend the BPSC syllabus, your guide or blueprint to success, and it will show you the exact topics you need to learn. This way, you won't waste time on irrelevant information and can focus your energy on the bull's eye!

2. Mastering the Art of Time Ninja

Are you trying to juggle study sessions while balancing other aspects of life? Time management is your secret weapon. Design a study schedule that suits you best, whether you are a night owl or an early bird. Break down your study periods into smaller sections and remember to include breaks—a tired brain is not productive!

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3. Newspaper, Your Daily Dose of Knowledge

Desire to be current with affairs in society today? Forget about rumours and always make it a habit to read newspapers daily. Reading exposes you to different subjects, hone your analytical skills, and keep you updated on hard BPSC questions.

4. Befriend the Past, Conquer the Present

The BPSC prelims often go back in time for their previous exams. Don't let it catch up with you! Go through question papers from earlier years till today. That will help familiarize you with the type of questions asked, recurring themes, and difficulty they are likely to get day after day. You'll thank yourself for being such a past paper lover on exam day!

5. BPSC Online Mock Tests: Your Dress Rehearsal for Success

Just imagine walking into the exam hall without a single worry because you have prepared well enough. BPSC Online Mock tests are your golden ticket to that feeling. Get as many online or offline mock tests as possible. After undertaking each test, analyze your performance, identify your weak areas, and fill in those knowledge gaps. When the day of the examination comes, you will be an answer-squashing machine!

6. Find Your Study Tribe

This can be lonely when done alone. Find friends among BPSC aspirants online or around where you stay or work. Create a study group, discuss concepts, quiz, and motivate one another along the journey. After all, healthy competition never hurt anyone!

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7. Sleep, Eat, Breathe, BPSC…But Take Breaks!

BPSC matters, but so is your health. Do not turn yourself into a sleep-deprived zombie living on instant noodles only. You must sleep enough every night to eat balanced meals while taking regular breaks to unwind. A refreshed mind is that of a champion!

Benefits of Self-Study: You Got This!

Sure, coaching classes have their place, but self-study has its unique advantages:

Flexibility – It allows for setting one's own pace and schedule.

Personalized Learning allows an individual to tailor his studies to focus more on strong areas and improve on weaker ones.

Cost-Effective – It saves money as hiring lecturers or buying reference materials is unnecessary.

Discipline And Time Management – One acquires skills that matter during career development.

So there it is! With these self-study strategies as your weapons, you're well on your way to achieving the 70th BPSC Prelims. Don't forget consistency matters most in this game. Stay focused. Believe in yourself: believe it's doable; just ask Yoda! The journey to becoming a BPSC Topper begins here and now!


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