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Unlock Success with Oswaal360’s CBSE Class 12 Online Courses and Mock Papers

Welcome to a realm of academic excellence tailored for CBSE Class 12 students. Oswaal360 proudly presents an extensive range of Online Courses and Mock Papers, designed to elevate your learning experience and set you on the path to success. Whether you are navigating the complexities of Science, Commerce, or Humanities, our platform caters to all streams, providing expert-curated content and valuable resources.

CBSE Online Course Class 12: A Dive into Specialized Learning

Navigate the challenges of Class 12 with Oswaal360’s CBSE Online Courses. Immerse yourself in a world of specialized learning that caters to your stream—Science, Commerce, or Humanities. Our courses are crafted to align seamlessly with the CBSE curriculum, ensuring comprehensive coverage of each subject.

Key Features of Our CBSE Online Courses for Class 12:

Stream-Specific Courses: Choose from a variety of stream-specific courses tailored to meet the unique requirements of Science, Commerce, and Humanities students.

Expert Guidance: Access content curated by subject matter experts, providing an in-depth understanding of complex concepts.

Interactive Learning Modules: Engage with interactive modules, including animated lessons and quizzes, to enhance your understanding and retention of key topics.

Real-Time Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress with real-time tracking features, allowing for personalized study plans and targeted improvement.

CBSE Online Class 12: Beyond Textbooks

Our commitment to holistic education extends beyond traditional course offerings. Oswaal360’s CBSE Online Class 12 section is your gateway to a wealth of educational resources designed to complement your studies.

Additional Resources to Enhance Your Learning:

Mock Papers: Practice with precision using our exclusive Mock Papers, designed to simulate the actual exam environment.

Concept Videos: Reinforce your understanding with concept videos that break down complex topics into easy-to-understand visuals.

Revision Notes: Streamline your revision process with concise and effective revision notes for each subject.

Mind Maps: Visualize and organize information with mind maps, facilitating better retention and recall.

Why Choose Oswaal360 for CBSE Class 12?

Oswaal360 stands as a beacon of quality education, dedicated to shaping the success stories of Class 12 students. Here’s why choosing us is a step toward excellence:

Stream-Specific Expertise: Benefit from content crafted by experts, ensuring a nuanced understanding of each stream’s subjects.

Innovative Learning: Experience innovative learning methodologies that go beyond conventional teaching approaches.

Comprehensive Support: Avail support that addresses your queries and concerns, guaranteeing a seamless learning experience.

Enroll Today for a Transformative Educational Journey!

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your CBSE Class 12 learning journey. Enroll in Oswaal360’s CBSE Online Courses and equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your exams. Scan now and embark on a transformative educational journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find free mock tests for Class 12 on various online platforms. Like : 

Official Websites of the Board 

Educational Portals/Online Learning Platforms

Mobile Apps

YouTube Channels

Social Media Groups

Remember to verify the reliability of the source before using the mock tests.


Off-course Yes! Mock Tests for CBSE Class 12 will help you in : 

Assessing your Knowledge: Mock tests provide an opportunity to assess your understanding of the subjects and topics covered in the CBSE Class 12 curriculum. By taking a mock test, you can identify areas where you need to focus more on revision.

Exam Simulation: Mock tests simulate the exam environment, helping you become familiar with the format, time constraints, and pressure of the actual CBSE Class 12 board exams. This reduces exam anxiety and boosts confidence.

Identifying Weak Areas: Mock tests help in identifying weak areas and topics where you need improvement. Once you know your weaknesses, you can allocate more time to revise those topics thoroughly.

Time Management: Practicing mock tests improves time management skills. You learn to allocate time wisely to different sections of the exam and practice answering questions within the given time limit.

Practice Makes Perfect: Regular practice through mock tests enhances retention and improves recall during the actual exam. It also helps in familiarizing yourself with the type of questions asked in the CBSE Class 12 board exams.

Feedback and Analysis: Many mock tests come with detailed feedback and analysis, highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. This feedback helps in fine-tuning your preparation strategy and focusing on areas that need more attention.

In summary, mock tests for CBSE Class 12 are invaluable tools for revision as they provide a comprehensive way to assess, practice, and improve your performance before the actual board exams.


To enroll in CBSE online Class 12, you can follow these general steps:

Research Online Platforms: Look for reputable online platforms that offer CBSE Class 12 courses. Make sure they are authorized and credible.

Choose a Course: Select the CBSE Class 12 course that suits your needs. Ensure it covers the subjects and topics you want to study.

Registration: Once you've chosen a course, you'll typically need to register on the platform offering it. This may involve creating an account and providing necessary details like your name, email address, etc.

Payment (if applicable): Some online courses may be paid. If so, you'll need to make the necessary payment as per the platform's instructions.

Access Course Materials: After registration and payment (if applicable), you'll gain access to the course materials. This may include video lectures, study materials, assignments, mock tests, etc.

Remember to verify the authenticity and credibility of the online platform offering the CBSE Class 12 course before enrolling. Ensure that it aligns with the CBSE curriculum and standards.