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Introducing Oswaal360’s Comprehensive CBSE Class 10 Online Courses and Mock Papers

Are you ready to transform your learning experience for CBSE Class 10? Look no further! Oswaal360 is delighted to present a comprehensive suite of Online Courses and Mock Papers tailored to the specific needs of Class 10 students. With a focus on excellence and student success, our platform is designed to provide an enriched and interactive learning environment.

CBSE Online Course Class 10: Navigating the Academic Journey

Embark on a learning adventure with our CBSE Online Course for Class 10, meticulously crafted to align with the CBSE curriculum. Our courses cover a range of subjects, offering in-depth lessons and practice materials. Whether you're tackling Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English, or Hindi, Oswaal360 has you covered.

Key Features of Our CBSE Online Courses for Class 10:

Expert-Curated Content: Access high-quality content developed by subject matter experts and educators. Our courses provide a deep dive into each subject, ensuring a thorough understanding of key concepts.

Interactive Learning Modules: Engage with interactive learning modules that make studying enjoyable and effective. We use cutting-edge technology to enhance the learning experience.

Real-Time Progress Tracking: Keep tabs on your progress with real-time tracking features. Understand your strengths and areas for improvement, allowing for a personalized learning journey.

Practice with Mock Papers: Put your knowledge to the test with our exclusive Mock Papers. These papers simulate the actual exam environment, allowing you to build confidence and familiarity with the exam pattern.

CBSE Online Class 10: A Holistic Approach to Learning

At Oswaal360, we believe in a holistic approach to education. Our CBSE Online Class 10 section is not just about courses; it's a gateway to a treasure trove of educational resources. Immerse yourself in a world of learning that goes beyond textbooks.

Additional Resources at Your Fingertips:

Free Mock Papers: Access a collection of free mock papers designed to help you practice and refine your exam-taking skills.

Concept Videos: Reinforce your understanding with concept videos that simplify complex topics and make learning enjoyable.

Revision Notes: Streamline your revision process with concise and effective revision notes for each subject.

Mind Maps: Visualize and organize information with mind maps, aiding in better retention and recall.

Why Choose Oswaal360 for CBSE Class 10?

Oswaal360 is committed to providing students with a learning platform that goes beyond traditional methods. Our focus is on student success, and we achieve this through:

Quality Content: Receive access to content that is accurate, up-to-date, and aligned with CBSE standards.

Innovation: Embrace innovative learning methodologies that make studying engaging and effective.

Support: Benefit from a support system that caters to your queries and concerns, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Enroll Today for an Unparalleled Learning Journey!

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your CBSE Class 10 learning experience. Enroll in Oswaal360’s CBSE Online Courses and empower yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in your exams. Scan now and embark on a transformative educational journey!


Frequently Asked Questions


CBSE Online Class 10 courses can vary in their structure depending on the platform or institution offering them. Generally, they tend to be structured rather than self-paced, as they follow the curriculum set by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and adhere to specific timelines for completion.

These structured courses typically include scheduled classes, assignments, quizzes, and exams to ensure students cover the required material within the academic year. Teachers or instructors guide students through the syllabus, providing explanations, answering questions, and assessing their progress.

Platforms like Oswaal 360  offer structured courses that align with CBSE curriculum guidelines. Oswaal 360 is known for providing comprehensive study materials, including textbooks, question banks, sample papers, and online resources tailored to CBSE syllabi. While they may offer some flexibility in terms of accessing materials online, the courses are typically designed to be followed sequentially to cover the curriculum effectively.



Yes, there are several platforms where you can access Class 10 science mock tests for free. Here are some options:

  1. CBSE Official Website: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) often provides sample papers and mock tests for various subjects, including science, on its official website. These resources are usually available for free download.

  2. Online Education Portals: Websites dedicated to education often offer free resources for students, including mock tests. 

  3. Educational YouTube Channels: Many educational YouTube channels create and share mock tests and practice sessions for Class 10 science. You can search for channels that specialize in CBSE curriculum or science education.

  4. Mobile Apps: There are numerous mobile apps available on both Android and iOS platforms that offer free mock tests for Class 10 science. 

  5. Educational Forums and Communities: Online forums and communities dedicated to education sometimes share study materials, including mock tests. Remember to verify the reliability and accuracy of the mock tests before relying on them for preparation. Additionally, it's always beneficial to solve a variety of mock tests to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject and exam pattern.



multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for Class 10 science effectively, you can follow these steps:

  1. Review the Syllabus: Ensure that you are familiar with the syllabus for Class 10 science. This will help you understand which topics are likely to be covered in the MCQ test.

  2. Gather Study Materials: Collect study materials such as textbooks, notes, and reference books that cover the topics included in the MCQ test.

  3. Practice Previous Years' Papers: Get access to previous years' question papers or sample papers containing MCQs. This will give you an idea of the types of questions asked and help you understand the exam pattern.

  4. Understand the Question Format: Familiarize yourself with the format of MCQs. Typically, you'll have a stem (the question), followed by options (possible answers), and you'll need to select the correct option.

  5. Read Carefully: Read each question and all the options carefully before selecting your answer. Sometimes, questions may contain tricky wording or double negatives, so be attentive.

  6. Eliminate Wrong Answers: If you're unsure about the correct answer, try to eliminate obviously wrong options. This increases your chances of selecting the correct answer, even if you're uncertain.

  7. Manage Your Time: MCQ tests often have a time limit, so manage your time effectively. Don't spend too much time on any single question. If you're stuck, move on and come back to it later if time allows.

  8. Guess Wisely: If you're completely unsure about the answer, take an educated guess. Sometimes, you may be able to eliminate some options or use context clues to make an educated guess.

  9. Review Your Answers: If time permits, go back and review your answers. Double-check that you've selected the correct option for each question.

  10. Reflect and Learn: After completing the test, reflect on your performance. Identify areas where you did well and areas where you need improvement. Use this information to guide your future study efforts.

By following these steps and practicing regularly, you can improve your ability to attempt MCQ tests for Class 10 science effectively.