The very step to make kids THINK, analyze, evaluate, and RETHINK! Believe it or not, this generation is the epitome of the most critical thinkers ever. To nurture these skills further, the Olympiad exams are just a stepping stone. They are also a way for teachers and parents to assess the different capabilities of the kids. Considering this, we have joined the bandwagon to prepare students for Olympiad exams in a fun, simple, and engaging way. The kids taking these mock tests will be able to see how they perform against others, from the comfort of their homes and at their own pace. While putting together these mock tests we kept in mind the differences in aptitudes and comprehension of students. Hence, the questions follow a logical flow and move from low to higher levels. Parents can also analyze the performance of their kids with the detailed answer key provided with each test. So, what keeps you to take moment? Tap on the icon and get your kid started with the mock tests.