A Guide to Strengthen the Academic Basics of Your CBSE Class 1 Child

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Congrats to you! Your baby is about to enter first grade. CBSE Class 1 is a foundational year where your child builds the blocks for future academic success. However, with so much knowledge to acquire, one may want to know how you can support their learning at home. Fear not, parents! This guide is filled with several fun and effective ways that you can use at home to make mundane life activities educational. 


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Building Blocks of Success:

Class 1 primarily emphasizes core subjects such as English, Maths and Environmental Studies (EVS). Think of it like erecting a majestic castle! After all, would you start building fancy towers without first laying a good foundation? So does learning. Here’s a sneak peek into what will be consuming your child:

English- The English curriculum includes learning the alphabet, identifying sounds, making simple sentences, and reading basic stories.

Maths- In maths, counting, basic addition and subtraction, identifying shapes, and understanding simple patterns are the main areas covered.

EVS-The subject teaches children about different things in the world around them, from plants & animals to seasons.

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Building a Love for Language:

Reading Buddies: Cuddle up every evening for bedtime stories. Take turns or let your child “read” by pointing at pictures.

Wordplay is the Way! Play easy rhyming games: say “I spy something blue” or sing songs with lots of repetition.

Label Everything! Put stickers on ordinary objects in your house. This will help your child connect words written down with real things they see every day.

Making Math a Masterpiece:

Counting Champions: Turn anything into a fun counting game for everyday tasks. Count stairs as you climb them or count objects while shopping for groceries.

Baking is Brilliant! Bake age-appropriate treats together with your kid. It’s an indirect way of exercising mathematical skills through measuring ingredients and step counting.

Board Games Galore! Bring out the old board games. Taking turns, rolling dice, and counting spaces all reinforce basic math concepts.

Exploring the Exciting World Around Us:

Nature Detectives: Step outdoors and see what you can find! Point out different types of leaves, flowers, and insects. Ask questions to help your child develop curiosity about the world.

Artsy Adventures: Be creative! Draw pictures, paint, and use playdough to help them fine-tune their small muscles, which are important when writing.

Superhero Sorting! Sorting toys by colour, size, or shape helps with primary classification, which is a key science concept.

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Remember, Learning Should Be Fun!

The ideas mentioned above are just some ideas for getting started. The main point is to make learning exciting & enjoyable for kids. Here are some extra tips:

Keep it short and sweet. Kids have a short attention span, so divide activities into smaller parts.

Make it a game! Who said learning had to be hard work? Add some playful elements if only to keep your kid on track sometimes.

Celebrate the small wins! Recognize your child’s efforts and progress, no matter how small they may seem.

Make it a family affair! Involve siblings or grandparents in the process of learning.

These tips, if followed, will help your CBSE Class 1 child’s academic foundation grow stronger. Remember, this journey is not a lonely one! Gather the disarray, mirth, and delight of learning. Ultimately, the paramount matter is fostering a love for knowledge that will last forever!


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