Complete Strategy to Score 95% in CBSE Class 12 Board Exams 2025 in One Year

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Preparing for the 12th board exams can be challenging not only because of parental and social pressure to perform well but also because of the huge syllabus and various subjects to cover in a short time. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and demotivated by everyone's expectations of you to perform well and be a rank holder. Don't worry. We are here to make things easy for you. With your hard work and our expert's recommended tips, it will not be difficult to score at least 95% in the CBSE class 12 board exams. Continue reading below for the experts and Topper's recommended strategy to know how:

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Have a Personalized Timetable

Just because you are preparing for the 12th board exams doesn't mean that you have to leave everything else behind. Experts recommend having a timetable that includes separate time for self-study, homework, revision, sports, and leisure activities. Make sure to be consistent and study for at least 2–3 hours every day.

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Revise Regularly

With so much on your mind, it is easy for you to forget what you studied last week. Hence, regular revision is important to sharpen your memory. You can also take a subject-wise free mock test in Class 12 to check your progress as you move on to different subjects and topics. You can also find short notes, video lessons, and chapter summaries online, which can help you to revise on the go.

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Leverage all the Available Resources

Studying just from NCERT might not be sufficient for concept building or practice. Hence, you need to buy other textbooks that have more detailed explanations and questions for practice. This will also help you prepare for the competitive exams after 12th grade. Solving class 12 English mock tests, class 12 math mock tests, and class 12 physics mock tests for practice can help you prepare for board exams and competitive exams together.

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Seek Guidance

Sometimes, self-study is not sufficient. Hence, you need to find a good mentor who can help and guide you. Asking school teachers or taking study sessions from a tutor can help you understand concepts better. You can also join the CBSE online class 12 doubt sessions and test series to build your conceptual foundations from the core.

Preparing for the 12th-grade board exam requires a lot of effort and consistency. With the experts mentioned above and toppers' recommended tips, it will be easy for you to personalize your study approach and score at least 95% marks. Also, make sure to take care of your health and sleep schedule. They also play an important role in your preparation. Don't forget that a sound body and a sound mind are the most important tools to ace your exams.

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