Importance of Revision in ISC Class 12 Board Exams 2025

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Are you preparing for the 12th ISC Board exams? We might have a lot of relevant points for you to consider if you want to score better. When it comes to class 12th board exams, no one can deny the importance of revision. Whether you are a student of the CBSE or ISC board, the revision rule applies the same to both.

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of revision for your exam and some expert-recommended tips on how to score better.

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Importance of revision:

Doubt Clarification

Got doubts? Revise as much as you can to keep doubts at bay. Revision leads to doubt and clarification. It will also help you to study important topics repeatedly.

Improved Retention

Students with good retention always do regular revisions. It further helps to improve their overall performance.

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Builds Confidence

It is common to feel overwhelmed and under confident before an exam. You can keep this at bay by regularly revising and strengthening your concepts.

Develops Time Management Skills

One of the most recurring nightmares for every student is that they couldn’t complete their answers in time. However, regular revision by solving mock tests and sample papers can help you learn time management skills and finish your exam on time.

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Tips on how to score better:

Plan Your Study Routine

The most common and effective advice you can get is to be consistent with your studies. Study for at least 2-3 hours every day, apart from your homework.

Make Short Notes

One of the most effective techniques for studying efficiently is to make short notes with various keywords. These special verbs are guaranteed to make you remember them better and longer.

Use Study Techniques

Be a smart student and use modern study techniques. Learn and incorporate new study techniques that will help you study better.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests can be your holy grail during board exam preparation. Take the mock test ISC class 12 to get some ideas on what the exam will be like.

Join a Test Series

If you are wondering, the best way to revise is by joining a test series. It is recommended to join the ISC Class 12 test series to prepare for your board exam.

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Tackle Difficult Subject First

Many students leave difficult subjects for the last. Instead, start studying them from the beginning to grasp the concepts. For example, solving ISC class 12 math mock tests can help you to overcome your math fear and maybe you can start enjoying it. 

In conclusion, regular revision is important for students preparing for the ISCE 12 boards. If you are one of the students, make sure to revise from the ISC class 12 mock tests to give yourself a performance analysis of where you are lacking and which subject or topic to study better.

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