UPSC CSE 2024: 7 Time Managing Strategies to Prepare Strategically

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You’ve set your sights on the UPSC CSE 2024, huh? That’s incredible! However, like the vast ocean syllabus that keeps aspirants awake at night with one nagging question: how to manage time effectively? Be consoled, young civil servant; here are 7 time management mantras to help you beat the competition strategically on the UPSC battlefield. 

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1. Know The UPSC Syllabus:

Before plunging into an endless sea of study materials, take a deep breath and familiarize yourself with the UPSC syllabus. This is about ticking boxes and understanding the weightage attached to each section. With this information, it would be easier for you to prioritize and allocate study hours properly.

2. Craft a Master Plan (The Study Schedule):

Now that you know what lies ahead, plan your study journey. Make a schedule that is reasonable and flexible enough for your learning style and available time. Don’t forget to include breaks—a burnt-out brain is an enemy, not an ally!

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3. Embrace the Power of “Prelims Powerhouses” (NCERT Books):

You can never underestimate NCERT books’ foundational strength! They give a clear-cut explanation of core concepts across different subjects. By mastering them, one can build on these basics more thoroughly through further research and be ready for Prelims.

4. Befriend the Clock (The Pomodoro Technique):

Have you ever heard of The Pomodoro Technique? This is a superb strategy for managing time during UPSC preparation. Start by setting the timer at 25 minutes, then concentrate on one topic only before taking a short break after rewarding yourself appropriately. Repeat again! Keep focus tight to prevent burnout, which will make it easier to go through studies faster.

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5. Mock It ’til You Make It (Online Test Series for UPSC):

Regularly taking the UPSC Mock test online is like rehearsing before the main show. The online test series for UPSC is designed to mirror real exams in terms of format, time limits, and question types. Doing it often lets you see where your preparation stands and improves your ability to manage time when under pressure.

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6. Analyze, Adapt and Conquer (Reviewing Mock Tests):

Simply taking mock tests is not enough! The real value comes from reviewing your performance. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and customize your study plan accordingly. Was there a problem with timing in one topic? Take more questions from that section later on during the UPSC prelims test series 2024 to practice solving them within a limited period.

7. Befriend the Past (UPSC Online Previous Year Solved Papers):

UPSC Online Previous Year Solved Papers serve as goldmines of insights into what an examiner thinks about. Attempting them repeatedly will help you understand the pattern of questions asked by him and their difficulty level, which can be used for time management purposes, too.

Remember, guys, candidates must always improve their time management. Stick to these mantras and keep working hard; soon enough, we’ll watch you join the Indian civil service after successfully cracking UPSC CSE 2024!


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