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DATESHEET’S Here! Now you need a Study Plan for CBSE BOARD EXAM 2021!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The wait is over as the CBSE datesheets have arrived for class 10th and 12th for term-1 CBSE board exam 2021.

For class 10th CBSE datesheet – Click Here.

For class 12th CBSE datesheet – Click Here.

More than a month is left for the exam, and now you have to have a plan.

If you’re just going through the books randomly without any strategy, then it’s not enough.

If you’re just blindly doing your revision, then even that’s not enough.

If you’re just solving sample papers, then, even then, it’s NOT ENOUGH.

To grow exponentially and hit the bull’s eye, you need to understand the importance of a study plan.

Let’s first understand why CBSE has so drastically changed its syllabus and exam pattern.

Because now it’s all about context knowledge rather than rote learning.


CBSE wants students to thoroughly understand the syllabus, the topics, make a study plan, do the strategic revision, and learn about the time management.

Hence, just ramming through all the topics and chapters and books isn’t going to work this time.

So now as we know why a study plan is important, let’s understand how we can create a valuable and sustainable study plan.

1. Analyze Yourself

You need to understand your way of learning, your grasping and understanding speed, and your current subject-knowledge status.

Every student has his/her own way of understanding the topics, and you need to understand your way.

Take a moment and analyze yourself.

Write down all the topics, chapters and subjects, and categorize accordingly.

If you’re weak at a particular topic or subject, mark PRIORITY to it.

If you’re good at a particular topic or subject, mark CLARITY to it.

Then, note down the time that you think you’ll take to shift that particular topic or subject from priority to clarity.

2. See What You Have

Now, suppose that you have enough sample papers for Science, but you don’t have the subject knowledge, then the sample papers are of no use.

In the same way, if you have the subject knowledge of Maths, but don’t have enough sample papers and practice papers to solve, then still it wouldn’t work.

So, you need to first analyze what you have, and what you need to have.

Also, this is the revision time, and you need ample practice papers and mock tests to boost confidence and get exam insight.

So, note down all the resources that you need for your CBSE board exam 2021.

Wondering where you can get enough mock tests and practice papers for term 1? Here’s the answer.

3. Everything is Important

Now that you have analyzed yourself and have enough resources for your preparation, it’s time to understand the CBSE board exam 2021 term 1.

It’s all MCQs.


So, if you’re thinking it’s going to be easy, then, even this article cannot save you.


MCQ-based paper simply means that more options which means more confusion, more subject knowledge, and more context-oriented questions.

So, for MCQs you must have all your doubts cleared because there’re no grace marks for just attempting, either you’re right or wrong.

See how toppers are preparing for CBSE exam with this new online learning platform. Read this.

Now, what can we do?

Here’s where study plan comes into the picture.

Schedule the subjects or topics on PRIORITY to practice at least thrice a day.

Schedule the subjects or topics on CLARITY to practice at least once a day.

Schedule the Chapter-wise MCQs for the mornings for thorough learning.

Schedule the sample papers for afternoons to test your learning.

Schedule the mock tests for evenings so that you can sleep confidently.

4. Keep on Updating

A best plan gets always updated.

Keep challenging yourself, if you’re solving 5 sample papers a day, then shift to 6 sample papers a day. Later move it 7 and so on.

If you don’t have enough practice papers to solve, then don’t worry, here’s the answer.

Also, mark your study plan with objectives, here’s how.

Suppose you need to shift 10 topics from PRIORITY to CLARITY in a week’s time.

Mark this in your study plan and keep on increasing it for the further weeks.

Also, minimize your time duration spent on mock tests.

Give yourself a personal goal on that, if you’re solving a mock test in 90 minutes with 80% accuracy, then try scoring the same accuracy with 80 minutes.

Just try, and even if you don’t achieve, it will give you an insight into how you can improve.

5. Break is Necessary

You study plan should have dedicated breaks for anything you want to do except study.

Take a walk in the park if you want, drink some water, or just close your eyes, but the breaks are necessary.

If you’re studying for one hour straight, then take a break of 10-minutes.

Then continue studying for another one hour, and then again take a 10-minute break.

When you’re done studying like this for 3 hours, give yourself a long break of at least 30 minutes.

Try this strategy, it really works.

You can check for these 7 exam tips based on scientific facts to score high. Read this article to know more.

Final Words!

Now that you have everything you need and now you also have your well-prepared study plan, it’s time to do the most obvious thing, study!

Don’t avoid this study plan for any whatsoever reason, and this method seems boring, but these are created by the educationists and academicians all around the globe, even if you’re feeling bored, stick to it no matter what.

Good Luck!

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