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Yes, as soon as our payment is successful, vou will be able to access the entire course. You will have access to the Largest Pool of MCQs for term
1. weekly Practice Papers. Mock lest. Revision Notes. Mind Maps and Mnemonics. Also, the access to these resources all depends on the package
vou purchase.
First off, the course is devised to reflect the "Special Assessment Scheme". That means, you will have Chapter-wise MCQs of all the three typologies
like the CASt-based, Assertion-Reasoning & Stand Alone MCWs. Other than this, you will also get Mock lest Papers; we have 10 Mock lests for
Class 10 and 15 Mock Tests for Class 12. We are not done yet, conquer these Term 1 exams with consistency. You also get Weekly Practice Papers
with New Questions added every week.
You will have access to these MCQs for as long as the course is LIVE.
Yes, you can take multiple attempts. After every attempt, you will get feedback on your performance with LIVE scores.
Yes, that is the benefit of signing up for Oswaal360. You can access the Largest Pool of MCQs at anytime, anywhere and on any device.
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Yes, Oswaal360 gives you a chance to analyse and improve your performance instantlv with LIVE Scores and Detailed Solutions
Yes, to give a fair chance to decide whether a particular course is meant for vou or not. we give vou a chapter free of each course. Io avail this
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