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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you study 16 hours a day, it used to, but not anymore.

Today, it’s about optimizing your time. And not just time, how you study, what you study, and from where you study matters equally.

Now, hear this out.

What if I tell you there’s an online platform that provides the largest pool of MCQs to prepare for CBSE term-1 board exams?


Okay, how about this, these MCQs are going to be updated every week, meaning you’ll get a whole new pool of MCQs every week at the same platform?

“That’s not possible…”

On top of all, what if I tell you that you don’t have to pay a single extra dime for these new MCQs, just buy the course once and every week you would get a new pool of MCQs to practise?


Oswaal 360 actually is ‘simply splendid’. It’s that one step to dive into the future of educational marathon. It’s completely state-of-the-art, meaning none has yet even thought about it.

Let’s walk through it.

What is Oswaal 360?

You study sample papers and question banks, why? To get ahead, right. There must be like 20 or 30 sample papers in one book. Once you’re done with one book, you need another one because you want more practice material. Hence you have to constantly buy new ones which, after some time, feel redundant.

Oswaal 360 is a centralized online platform where you can find all the MCQ-based questions to prepare for CBSE board exams which regularly get updated at the same cost.

  • Live score updates and detailed solutions are included for on-the-spot analysis.

  • Along with that, you’ll get fresh daily practice papers to enhance your confidence, accuracy and time management skills.

  • Besides, all the typologies of MCQs are covered including case-based, assertion-reason and stand-alone questions.

  • To top it all, cognitive learning tools such as Mnemonics, rapid revision tools, mind maps and concept videos are also included.

Isn’t it great!

What makes it unique?

Digitalization has reformed everything around us, even us. And education is no longer restricted to chalk-n-board methodology. Today, students need to be updated with every resource at their disposal.

Being the most experienced and trusted educational service provider in the country, we, at Oswaal, blended these two trending domains, educational necessities and technological developments, and what came out as a result of it – Oswaal 360.

Consider this.

  • At the same investment that you do for guidebooks, you can have a centralized online learning platform that you can use anytime at your comfort.

  • The chapter-wise MCQs of all the subjects will help you prepare for your actual board exams.

  • The questions will be based on the new assessment schemes recently introduced by CBSE for 2021-2022 board exams.

  • The mind maps, concept videos, Mnemonics, revision tools, quizzes, mock test papers, daily practice papers and weekly practice papers will give you a long leap ahead of the competition.

  • Also, on-the-spot analysis with live score updates and detailed solutions with “topper’s answer” to guide you on “what you could have done better” are all covered.

  • All the latest typologies suggested by CBSE for class 10th and 12th term-1 board exams and the latest CBSE marking schemes are meticulously covered including case-based, assertion reason, and stand-alone questions.

  • ·As if this wasn’t enough, you’ll get brand new MCQs every week and that too without even spending an extra penny – one-time investment, long-term results.

Now that’s what I simply call a state-of-the-art!

How you can start using Oswaal 360?

Simply, go to or download the app from the Google Play store,

Now that you have Oswaal 360, let’s walk through it step by step.

1. Take the free trial.

We do not encourage anyone to spend money without even looking into what they are spending it for. Try, test, if it looks good, go ahead and buy it, simple. A simple signup is all you need to take the free trial.

2. Explore the right course.

Click on the explore now and choose the right bundle of subjects according to your need. The first chapter is free, so you can make sure you’re choosing the right bundle.

You can also combine the subjects you think you need to focus on more. Also, if you need more than one bundle, you can combine them and check for the discount offers.

3. The simple regular payment process.

The gateways are all the same as for other applications. You can pay using any method, UPI, credit card, debit card, Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pay, any payment option you prefer.

4. Avail the discount.

Once ready to buy the bundle and have selected the right payment option, avail the discount by using the code – WELCOME10.

5. Once the payment is done, it’s all yours.

Now that you’re ready to hit the bull’s eye, start learning.

We have said it thousand times, we say it again, our goal is simple and straight – make learning simple. We felt a need for a dedicated online platform that can transform the preliminary educational practices, and here we are with Oswaal 360.

It’s the first and only online platform for CBSE board exams. It’s exclusive, it’s trending, and it’s simply amazing.

Good Luck!

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