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Practice is the ultimate key to success when you want to excel in your board exams.


The more you practice, the more thorough you become with the concepts of the subject.


But there’s one problem with practice papers, you always run out of them.


When you’re done with one practice paper book, you need to get another one, and then another one and so on…


Now, what if I tell you there’s one platform where you can get fresh practice papers every week.


And that too without paying extra for the fresh ones.


Yes, that is what Oswaal 360 is all about.


Get at Once, Learn at Length!


But, before that, let’s understand why practice papers are so important? Do they have something unique to enhance your preparation?


Keep on reading to know about all this, and accordingly make your preparations count.


1. Greatest Pool of Questions


Practice papers offer you one of the greatest ways to get familiarised with various typologies.


When you solve the weekly practice papers then you get more clear insights about the exam. But if you go for a single book then most of the questions will be repetitive.


How to resolve this problem?


To get an answer to this issue, you can check out Oswaal 360. It comprises an ample number of questions that gets updated every week.


When you practice weekly updated papers then you feel more confident, moreover you even get to introspect your working strategy for the exams to make better decisions.


2. Utilizes your Time Perfectly


With the weekly test papers, you can utilize your time effectively.


You don’t need to rush here and there to find a different set of questions to suffice your preparation needs, just grab the weekly practice papers that can stand by your expectations.


And, they save a lot of your time, don’t they?


You can utilize that time in going through some of the concepts in which you are lacking.


3. Suits your Pocket


You must have noticed that when you solve the traditional practice papers then once you complete them, you search for some other resource.


You spend some amount of money in getting that extra set of practice papers.


But, you notice that most of the questions are similar.


You have spent the money on the extra set of practice papers and now it is not at all fruitful. Now, what to do?


Now, you just need to get weekly practice papers at Oswaal 360.


And they’ll keep on updating weekly without spending even a single extra penny.


Final Thoughts


As the board exams are around the corner, you need to stay updated with your preparation. And to make things easier for you, Oswaal 360 is a one-shop stop.


It is an innovative, relevant, one-of-its-kind platform to prepare extensively for your board exams.


Once you buy the course at Oswaal 360 of your choice then all the weekly updated papers are free of cost.


All the Best!!



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Anyone in the world

What are the two most dreadful words for a school student?

Board exams!

Yes! That’s right.

The frustration, strain, and stress levels are so high that the feeling of anxiety doesn’t go for a long time.

Some believe it is because they were not prepared for exams, while some say that it is the primary board exam pattern that made them afraid.

You need to ask yourself, is board exam hype necessary?

Not at all!

It is just another exam, just like the ones you had given all your school life and you’d continue to do so for a good number of years in the future.

Instead of taking the stress and freaking out, you should go for a logical study pattern and prepare for exams with all your efforts.

Is your hard work not producing satisfying results?

If yes, then you need to look at your preparation module objectively.

The pattern of board exams has changed to MCQs, which means you should be clear with your concepts because your answers have to be accurate.

With such a sudden shift in the exam pattern and that too for the first time, time should be kept at topmost priority.

You cannot afford to lose time!

Oswaal 360

Suppose you are solving a question paper. It will take around three hours to complete your mock test, and after that, you will get to check your answers.

It’s Time Consuming, isn’t it?

Now, what if I tell you that you can solve endless questions and get instant feedback with detailed answers for better understanding?

That’s right, Oswaal 360, is just about that and much more.

One such feature of Oswaal 360 which can save a lot of your time, is Live Scores!

Wish to know how?

Live Scores:

  • It Enhances Time Management – Live Scores option greatly helps you in managing your time efficiently.

With quick results, you get to know your mistakes simultaneously, and those swift feedback stays with you for a long time.

Managing your time efficiently gives you more time to revise all the subjects and work on your topics again.

  • It Improves Subject Knowledge When you are made aware of your flaws instantly, your mind remembers that because it establishes a connection with the wrong and correct answers. This directly boosts your subject knowledge.

With Oswaal 360’s Live Scores feature, you can access a wide range of questions that will increase your understanding of the subject and help you in board exams.

  • It Increases your Productivity – Do you feel board exam preparations are impacting your mental health and daily schedule in a negative way?

If your answer is yes, Oswaal 360 is here for your rescue.

Not only will it increase your study-based productivity, but it will also help you in following a schedule that will increase your study hours and mental focus.

  • It Makes you Aware of your Weak Points. - Oswaal 360’s Live Scores feature comes across as a great help when you have to rework on your concepts and understand what you did wrong.

And when the same type of questions come in board exams, you already have a proper understanding of the concepts you practiced in the mock exams.

Final Thoughts

With the Live Scores feature, you get to learn from your mistake with the help of detailed answers.

Most of the online mock tests do not provide a detailed answer to the questions that leaves a lot of unsolved doubts in students’ minds. That’s where Live Scores feature comes to the rescue.

Oswaal 360 is indeed one-of-its-kind e-learning platform created by coveted Oswaal Editorial Board and Live Score is the most exceptional feature of it.

It’s new, it’s trending and that’s why it’s simply amazing.

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